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The Most Powerful Law in the Universe

  Do you have the life you want? Are you where you want to be? Several years ago I watched Continue Reading

Who Controls Your Suffering?

Who controls your suffering? Is your life everything you would like it to be? Have you really thought about why it isn’t ? Be happy in all areas of your life whether they are currently working for you or not. Learn to “love your life exactly the way it is, and exactly the way it isn’t, and realizing that life isn’t always perfect, but still being able to enjoy life.

Goal Setting/ Dream Building

How are you at goal setting? Are you someone who lives your life by setting your goals and working at achieving them, or someone who drifts through life with no specific focus in mind?

Life Is a Bowel of Cherries!

“Life is a bowel of Cherries and I wound up in the Pits.” I think that is how the saying goes. If we continue to cry foul in our lives, it will seem like it. But I like Cherries, and I make a point to remember that the pits are just a part of a very delicious fruit.

Self Love? Are You There?

There is a lot of information out there these days about Self Love- fully accepting and loving who you are at this minute without judgement! Can you say this about yourself?

Creativity Fest- How Can You Do It!

Just think, by embodying your own Joy and happiness, you might be able to help some one else be happier by example. Even helping them see some happiness and not sinking to their level of woe, can be helpful. But in the long run we all make our own choices- Be Happy or be Unhappy-it’s really your choice. What do you choose?

Branching Out- My Ongoing Search of Self

The fun never ends and life keeps getting more and more interesting!

This used to bother me. Now I think of it as another path to bigger and greater adventures! There have been so many changes in my life in the last 2 years that I am not even sure I can keep them straight. And it just keeps going.

2 Ways to Improve Communicating Your Needs To The Universe

How do you communicate your wishes to the universe?
This can be done through meditation, prayer, and just plain old talking and thinking.
How many times do you state what you want with a statement of what you don’t want, or make I am affirmations that you know are not true?
It sort of feels like a betrayal when the things we don’t want keep showing up in our lives.
However the problem is- we keep attracting them to ourselves.

How My Friend, Ginger(alias) Has Humbled My Life

Life can be a real bitch sometimes! Excuse the language, but it’s true.
Have you ever suffered with depression, a serious illness, or felt sick for a really long time? If you have, how have you dealt with it?
Have you ever had a friend that it seems they just can’t get a break? No matter what they do, life seems to want to slap them down.
You watch them struggle, recover, and then something happens and they are in the midst of the struggle again.